Alysis Technologies offers technical leadership in the area of electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) and is ideal software for a multitude of e-billing applications ranging from single biller sites, buy-side billing applications, service bureaus, and electronic marketplaces.

With Alysis’ modular WorkOut products, you can implement e-billing quickly, either as a standalone application or as a part of a larger e-commerce initiative.

Why choose WorkOut:

  • Our end-to-end solution means that you only need one vendor for all your e-billing needs.
  • Our proven volume leadership guarantees that WorkOut grows with your customer numbers and can even tackle even the largest business bills.
  • Our commitment to XML and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) lets WorkOut snap-in to your other e-business applications.
  • Our worldwide installations help grow your global customer base by presenting bills in any language.

“In order to accommodate the demands of large billers, Alysis has designed many technology features into its architecture that will scale to accommodate the billing requirement of the most demanding billers. Unlike some competitors in the early stages of the market, Alysis already has a product in operation in the high-volume electronic statement market segment. In addition to the business-to-consumer capabilities that WorkOut provides, it also has leveraged its experience in large-scale document management and computer-output to laser disk technology to develop strong business-to-business capabilities as well.”

Datapro/Gartner Group Report, Alysis Technologies’ WorkOut, February, 2000

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