Dutch online gambling market opens

The Dutch online gambling market will soon be opened, and many new bookmakers will be admitted to Dutch territory. 2021 is the year of the legalization of online betting in the Netherlands. This makes it one of the last countries in Europe to legalize gambling on the internet. Ben Sestig, the developer of Letter Lounge, is really looking forward to it. He has spent more than five years of his life developing this game and will, of course, be happy when the new gambling law finally comes into effect. Because the gambling law was always postponed, he had to wait longer than expected. Letter Lounge is a game reminiscent of Lingo. Ben Sestig has designed it completely for Dutch players. There is already interest from a game supplier who wants to place the game with one of chance providers’ significant games. Who that will become will only be known when the Gambling Act is actually in force.

90 permits for the Dutch market

The Dutch Gaming Authority (kansspelautoriteit) expects to issue approximately 90 licenses in the Netherlands. The fact that it takes so long for legalization to be a fact is partly due to Dutch culture. However, debates were also always postponed due to corona. March 1, 2021, it should finally be that far. The Gaming Authority does indicate that gambling is partly culturally determined. In England, people tend to gamble on everything, such as what Johnson’s baby should be called and who will be the winner of the Eurovision song contest. In the Netherlands, it will be more about betting on sports and online casino.

Gambling online yourself

If you want to gamble online in the Netherlands yourself, you don’t have to wait long for this. On March 1, 2021, the law on online gambling will come into force, so that you can legally gamble from that moment. From that moment on, you will find an overview of reliable bookmakers on this website. These bookmakers are supervised by the Gaming Authority so that there is adequate control. Are you going to bet on your favourite sport or do you choose the online casino?

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